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AS CYPRUS COLLEGE LIMITED (European University Cyprus), Cyprus

European University Cyprus (EUC) is the first private higher educational institution to be established in Cyprus. Today, EUC is a modern educational establishment of higher learning which is distinguished for its quality and continuous efforts to maintain a spirit of excellence in scholarship. EUC students benefit from the wide range of academic programs in undergraduate and postgraduate studies, outstanding facilities, excellent faculty and numerous university-sponsored student services and activities.

EUC has a reputation for distinction and innovation in research. With an emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches, EUC is one of the leading academic and research institutions in Cyprus. The University has a broad portfolio of research activity which spreads across all its departments and schools. Research activity is centered in the EUC’s research Centres / Institutes and Schools which include the School of Arts and Education Sciences, the School of Business Administration, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the School of Sciences. Since 1988, the University has been publishing the interdisciplinary ‘Journal of Business Ethics and Society’ which is a publication that provides an interchange of ideas among businessmen, executives, scientists and academicians who are concerned with economic, business, social and technological issues and practices.

Dr. Elmos Konis

is an Academic and Researcher at the European University Cyprus. He is currently the Coordinator of the Marketing Department. He has designed several programmes and courses on subjects including entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership. He earned his MBA at the University of Montana in the USA and his PhD on business leadership at London Metropolitan University in the UK. He is a qualified Mediator and was for several years an appointed member of SETE, the highest level Cypriot advisory committee on Tertiary Level Education to the Ministry of Education. He is a member, research reviewer and country representative for the Academy of Management (AOM) which has awarded him for outstanding service. He has designed an innovative organisational model and has presented work on innovation and creativity around the world. He is the author of a successful historical novel, entitled “Magnette: a Cyprus Odyssey.”

Dr. Despina Varnava-Marouchou

is an Assistant Professor at the European University Cyprus. She has a Doctoral Degree in Education with special reference to Higher Education and Business Studies, from the University of Nottingham, UK. She also holds a Master Degree in Education and Business Studies from Brunel University, UK. Dr V. Marouchou has presented and written many papers on issues regarding Education and Business, most specifically, on student learning and teaching in higher education. She is particularly interested in the professional training of faculty   and the design of training programs in general.  She has written several chapters in books and has also published a book on ‘Conceptions of Teaching and Learning’. Dr D.V.Marouchou has won several funded research projects such as ‘Enhancing   Pedagogical Practices by Understanding Students’ Learning Styles and Metacognitive Strategies’, and the ‘Learning Approaches of Students and how this Relates to their Achievement’. She was also the Coordinator of the funded project ‘Teaching for Creativity in Higher Education’. She is the Coordinator of the Business Studies Program of the School of Business and the Vice Chair of the Management and Marketing Department.  

Dr. Simona Mihai-Yiannaki

is an Assistant Professor at the European University Cyprus, an international consultant in banking and finance and an accredited trainer by HRDA. Her inspiration lies in her networking skills and she has being awarded a distinction in entrepreneurship during her MBA in Oxford Brookes University in 2005. She has also being awarded with the EMBRI Best Contributor award in 2009 and the Best EMRBI Conference Reviewer in 2013. She was a Fulbright finalist and a coordinator/member of several international /European projects. Her academic research areas are Banking and Financial Services Innovation, Corporate Governance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Risk Management applications for banks and SMEs, Creativity and Innovation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Distance Learning. She was involved as guest speaker and trainer in conferences in Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, France, Portugal and Romania on topics about banking, finance, entrepreneurship, risk management, creativity and change management. 

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