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P1: GrantXpert Consulting (Cyprus)-Project Coordinator

GrantXpert Consulting was founded following funding received by Ms. Vassilia Hadjichristodoulou from the National Funded Scheme of “Women Entrepreneurship”. The company employs a number of experienced researchers and consultants that are involved in several European and nationally funded research projects, focusing specifically on socioeconomic research topics. Besides having had substantial involvement in a number of research projects, the company has assisted and guided a large number of Cypriot (private & public) companies, non-profit organisations, research and academic organisations and municipalities to receive funding from European and National programmes. Since 2009, the company has aided its clients in securing more than 4million Euros from funded programmes.


The company fulfills its consulting role by informing its clients through daily communication and targeted training seminars on the funding opportunities available for them and also by providing them support in the proposal preparation process and the implementation of projects. The funding obtained by these organisations assists in increasing their competitiveness, growing further, engaging in research projects, implementing innovative practices, enhancing their personnel's qualifications and skills and hiring new employees. 



The Enterprise and University Foundation of Alicante is a non-profit organization, which is interrelated with Alicante University and the business setting of the province. The aim of the Foundation is the development of common channels of both dialogue and relationship between the University and the business world. For this purpose, the Foundation carries out different activities of training, research transfer, business advice in the field of research and development, entrepreneurship, promotion and support for the creation of new companies, encouragement of quality employment for university students and graduates, management of European projects and surveys and studies on specific topics. Its actions are aimed at those businessmen and university graduates who wish to compete in the productive development of companies in the province and to strengthen a future of social and economic welfare.


The main representative body of the Foundation is the Board of Trustees which is composed of integrated institutions and companies representing the majority of the business sector in the province of Alicante. The Board controls and promotes the foundation's activities and is composed of 92 members.

FUNDEUN is an organization with great social representation, which provides the backbone in the bosom of the university, of almost all the most outstanding economic sectors in Alicante: industrial, cultural and public services.


One of the most important tasks of FUNDEUN is the creation of new enterprises. FUNDEUN provides support to entrepreneurs covering information, training, assessment and financing to help entrepreneurs throughout the set-up process of successful business initiatives.


FUNDEUN have participated as partner in different European projects of several Programmes: Lifelong Learning Programme (ERASMUS), Equal, Aeneas, Interreg, etc. 


The University of Beira Interior (UBI) is today a landmark institution at national and international level of education, research, innovation and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship, competitiveness and Innovation is one line of research developed within the Research Unit – NECE. This line of research aims to encourage entrepreneurship, competitiveness, and innovation of Portuguese firms and to help to develop an entrepreneurial and competitive society. Entrepreneurship education is a key tool in the use of the competences of the human resources to new firm creation. The primary purpose of this research area is to evaluate the impact of education on entrepreneurial activities. The specific objectives focused on entrepreneurship education intend: - To verify if the development of attributes and competences that form the base of the entrepreneurship will be able to have influence for the acquisition of more specific knowledge on the enterprise activity, throughout the several levels of education; - To understand the way education in entrepreneurship will be able to contribute to prepare the children and the young to become individuals with intellectual autonomy, physically, emotionally and socially; -


To analyze the impact of extra-curricular activities in learning of entrepreneurship; - To analyze the impact of the formation of entrepreneurship focus at the university level in the creation of companies and the creation of jobs; - To study the effect of education in entrepreneurship in the propensity for the creation of companies of technological basis. 

P4: Institut für sozialwissenschaftliche Beratung GmbH (ISOB), Germany

ISOB is a private research and development institution, founded in 1990. In 2003 it was founded as a limited company (ISOB GmbH). It specializes in internal evaluation and quality assurance of development projects in the field of LLL, CSR and Learning Region approaches. ISOB is member of the German Society for Evaluation (DGEVAL) and works according to the internationally accepted evaluation standards. ISOB is engaged in numerous long-term projects for the German Federal Government and for the German Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), e.g. innovative ways of cooperation between SMEs and training institutions; implementing the integration of learning and working in the enterprise, E-Learning; preparing young people for group-work; self-organized learning in the workplace – self-evaluation as a means of professional self-development; flexible learning methods


in SME. It has conducted 14 projects in the LLL program implemented and evaluated; scientific consultancy and evaluation of regional network approaches; consultancy for enterprises and management training in the fields of HRD and OD. ISOB was involved in the technical assistance office for the ADAPT-initiative in Brussels. Focusing on problems of SMEs, ISOB GmbH has long relevant experience in the field of Business Creation and Entrepreneurship. Managing Director Alexander is a certified Business Coach and has long experience in coaching Young Business Leaders and Managers. 

P5: AS Cyprus College Ltd (European University Cyprus), Cyprus

European University Cyprus (EUC) is the first private higher educational institution to be established in Cyprus. Today, EUC is a modern educational establishment of higher learning which is distinguished for its quality and continuous efforts to maintain a spirit of excellence in scholarship. EUC students benefit from the wide range of academic programs in undergraduate and postgraduate studies, outstanding facilities, excellent faculty and numerous university-sponsored student services and activities.


EUC has a reputation for distinction and innovation in research. With an emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches, EUC is one of the leading academic and research institutions in Cyprus. The University has a broad portfolio of research activity which spreads across all its departments and schools. Research activity is centered in the EUC’s research Centres / Institutes and Schools which include the School of Arts and Education Sciences, the School of Business Administration, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the School of Sciences. Since 1988, the University has been publishing the interdisciplinary ‘Journal of Business Ethics and Society’ which is a publication that provides an interchange of ideas among businessmen, executives, scientists and academicians who are concerned with economic, business, social and technological issues and practices.

P6: University of Gloucestershire (UoG), United Kingdom

The University of Gloucestershire has a long history as a provider of education which dates back to the nineteenth century, and is a thriving and diverse community of over 10,000 students, based on four campuses. The University offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, and a host of professional courses, from business economics to illustration and performing arts to teacher training and short courses. It is made up of four faculties: the Business School; Applied Sciences, Media, Art and Technology; and the Institute for Education and Professional Services.


A key focus of the University is to encourage and engender an enterprising culture within its community. The ‘Venture’ Programme is an annual event, consisting of taught seminars and interactive workshops, designed to help develop entrepreneurial thinking and create new business ventures amongst the university’s students, staff and alumni. This culminates in a business planning competition in which cash prizes are awarded to the most innovative new business ideas. The support of local experts, mentors and business professionals supports conversion of ideas into real sustainable start-up businesses.


The University also runs a European-funded, Gloucestershire county-wide programme that provides an integrated business incubation service to assist start-ups to improve their performance, to create new jobs, to offer options for graduates and support collaborative research and development projects across the county. This programme provides specialist start-up and business growth advice and support, including networking events and incubation space within a dedicated Enterprise Hub 

P7: Strategische Partnerschaft Sensorik e.V. (SPS), Germany

The State-wide cluster Sensorik offers, with its 60+ members and 200 partners from the world of economics and science, a practical, development and test-friendly environment, which nurtures development of innovative approaches to solutions. In 2006, Strategische Partnerschaft Sensorik e.V (SPS) created the cluster Sensorik, which since then has taken on a leading role in innovative cluster management. In the scope of the “Bavarian Cluster Campaign”, a high tech initiative of the German/Bavarian state government, the SPS provides an agile and competent platform to link-up and supervise the stakeholders in the sensor technology cluster. Many well-renowned large-scale enterprises from the network, regional associations and initiatives, as well as university experts, are partners. The number of staff is 15, of which all employees are university graduates with different specialization, so that the team can exhibit a broadly varied know-how. Important components within the “Bavarian Cluster Campaign” activities are to link up companies, promote innovation, build up competence as well as to train and qualify employees. The target groups of the SPS-services are companies, experienced and job seeking professionals, young professionals and the junior professionals. SPS has already implemented a lot of real practical topics in workshops, seminar series and training courses, which are especially interesting four young entrepreneurs, who need support regarding startup affairs. Various concepts of coaching and personnel development modules promote personal, methodical and technical innovation competence of professionals and companies. A broad range of concepts enable the SPS to react quickly to young entrepreneur demand’s.

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Below, a description of the expertise and the infrastructure available in each partner is provided:
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