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The Enterprise and University Foundation of Alicante is a non-profit organization, which is interrelated with Alicante University and the business setting of the province. The aim of the Foundation is the development of common channels of both dialogue and relationship between the University and the business world. For this purpose, the Foundation carries out different activities of training, research transfer, business advice in the field of research and development, entrepreneurship, promotion and support for the creation of new companies, encouragement of quality employment for university students and graduates, management of European projects and surveys and studies on specific topics.


Its actions are aimed at those businessmen and university graduates who wish to compete in the productive development of companies in the province and to strengthen a future of social and economic welfare.

The main representative body of the Foundation is the Board of Trustees which is composed of integrated institutions and companies representing the majority of the business sector in the province of Alicante. The Board controls and promotes the foundation's activities and is composed of 92 members.


FUNDEUN is an organization with great social representation, which provides the backbone in the bosom of the university, of almost all the most outstanding economic sectors in Alicante: industrial, cultural and public services.

One of the most important tasks of FUNDEUN is the creation of new enterprises. FUNDEUN provides support to entrepreneurs covering information, training, assessment and financing to help entrepreneurs throughout the set-up process of successful business initiatives.


FUNDEUN have participated as partner in different European projects of several Programmes: Lifelong Learning Programme (ERASMUS), Equal, Aeneas, Interreg, etc. 

Isabel Obrador

Managing Director in Fundación Empresa Universidad de Alicante (FUNDEUN) since 1983. She graduated with a BA in Publicity & Public Relations and  a Master in Business Administration (MBA).   She is in charge of managing economic and human resources, institutional relations, planning and co-ordinating initiatives on employment, research & innovation and life-long learning courses, European Projects, leading teams and co-ordinating networks. 


“Mutual cooperation and understanding of University-Business is the key to the growth of our society. Our main aim is to fortify that reality with our daily dedication and to attain that most significant achievement”

Rafael Lafont

holds a Law Degree. He is Assistant Manager in Fundación Empresa-Universidad de Alicante (FUNDEUN) and Associate Professor of Business Administration at University of Alicante, teaching subjects such as Business Organization, Human Resources, Strategic Management, and Entrepreneurship. He has experience in managing projects, leading teams, coordinating thematic networks about employment, training and starting up businesses. He has managed several European Projects that connect Enterprise and University.


“Entrepreneurship is first and foremost an attitude, that together with the know-how of university entrepreneurial action, allow  you to carry out innovative projects”

Raquel Diaz

has a degree in Chemistry, Food Industry Specialisation, and a Master in Integrated Systems Consulting Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Since 2008, she has been Director of the Innovation Department in FUNDEUN, where she is responsible for promoting innovation projects in order to facilitate the collaboration between SMEs and the University through knowledge transfer and talent recruiting. She has experience in coordinating, reporting and monitoring projects related to different international, national, regional programs.


“To innovate is to conceive solutions and carry out projects seeking continuous improvement, believing in them and turning them into reality. Innovation and knowledge are the drivers of change to achieve an entrepreneurial society"

Laura Mª García

is Technician in the Economic Area of the Fundación Empresa-Universidad de Alicante (FUNDEUN). She graduated in 2002 from the University of Alicante with a Bachelor of Economics and holds a Postgraduate specialisation Diploma in Accounting and Administrative Management. She has been responsible for economic and financial tasks in the Foundation since 2004. She is also in charge of the control and the economic justification for European projects.


“Behind the numbers that I work with every day are students, teachers, businesses and entrepreneurs; soon they are no longer numbers but relationships, opportunities for learning and joy.”

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