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This is the online training platform for our ICT ENTREPRENEUR training programme.


Here you can find the description of the programme, its structure and methodology, a short note on the people who developed the modules, the main target group for which this programme was developed. You can also learn how you can have this training delivered to your organisation or university from our expert trainers



The ICT ENTREPRENEUR training programme is very hands-on, practical, up-to-date and fun to take part in. Following the delivery of important definitions and new concepts, the participants work either at individual or group level to practice what they have learnt using real-life examples from varied industries across the world. The modules are developed in such a way so as to build on the knowledge developed and then move to the next topic, having a coherent and smooth structure of modules.


The programme follows closely the lean start-up methodology, teaching the participants why this kind of approach is necessary in today’s start-up world, how they can get constant feedback from their potential clients and why this is important and how they can change their idea or their business model based on the feedback received at different stages of their idea development.


All modules come with a range of exercises, role plays, outdoor activities, real-life examples, case studies, talks from industry experts and relevant videos and additional reading suggestions.

Initially the participant starts the course with a self-evaluation assessment, trying to identify their strong and weak points in relation to the necessary entrepreneurial mindset that they need to develop. This helps the person in concentrating in the areas they need to develop further. Following the development of soft skills the training then moves from the level of a person’s self to the level of the team, an important success element for start-up development. Finally the training concentrates on important issues like developing an initial business idea into its next stage, handling intellectual property, securing funding, finding investors to back up the start-up idea and of course learning how to use important tools like the Business Model Canvas and the Lean Business Plan.

More details about the programme’s structure and methodology is provided in the Introductory Module below.


The ICT ENTREPRENEUR training programme is a comprehensive and current entrepreneurship programme which can be offered to Computer Science university students and graduates in any country. How you can access it? There are three options available:


Option A Access to the Trainers’ Handbook: You can download the available material from this online training platform and deliver the programme to your students on your own. We can provide the trainers’ guidebook to you for a small fee. Please contact us for more information at


Option B In-house Training by our team: We can deliver the full training programme in-house within your organisation, utilising our own expert trainers. These trainers are the people who have developed this programme and delivered it already in many occasions within 5 EU countries (Cyprus, Germany, Portugal, Spain and the UK). During the in-house training the training material and the trainers’ guidebook will be provided to your organisation. Please contact the Programme Coordinator Dr. Celia Hadjichristodoulou at for our programme fees and possible delivery dates within 2018.


Option C Train the Trainers’ Workshop: We can train your trainers on how to deliver the full training programme. This training workshop can take place either through online training tools, in-house to your organisation premises or to our own premises. During the Train the Trainers’ course the training material and the trainers’ guidebook will be provided to your organisation. Please contact the Programme Coordinator Dr. Celia Hadjichristodoulou at for our train the trainers’ fees and possible delivery dates within 2018.


The ICT ENTREPRENEUR training programme was developed with one specific target group in mind: young Computer Science university students and recent graduates.


Why did we choose to concentrate on this specific group of people?


We believe that these students have the knowledge and skills to develop high-tech and innovative products, such as mobile and web applications, online and mobile games, online platforms and web portals, etc.


What they are missing is an entrepreneurial mindset and important soft skills that are needed when developing your first business idea. With our programme we aim to bridge this gap and offer to Computer Science students and graduates the necessary knowledge and skills in order to become successful start-up founders, feeling confident and sure for themselves during their first business steps.


All 10 training modules along with individual and group exercises and other complimentary activities are provided below in this online training platform.


The ICT ENTREPRENEUR Training Programme was developed by expert organisations in 5 countries (Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, Germany and the UK) and it was pilot tested in all these five countries in 2016.


The trainers were:


Dr. Celia Hadjichristodoulou, GrantXpert Consulting / Dr. Stephanie Apserou, GrantXpert Consulting / Mr. Antonis Hadjichristodoulou, GrantXpert Consulting / Dr. Elmos Konis, European University Cyprus / Dr. Simona Mihai-Yiannaki, European University Cyprus / Dr. Despina Varnava-Marouchou, European University Cyprus


Prof. Mário Raposo, University Beira Interior / Dr. Arminda do Paço, University Beira Interior
Dr. Marta Alves, University Beira Interior / Dr. João Ferreira, University Beira Interior / Dr Maria José Madeira, University Beira Interior / Ewa Kopczynska, University Beira Interior / Ana Martinho, University Beira Interior


Iker Inchauspe, FUNDEUN / Rafael Lafont, FUNDEUN


Ines Weirich, SPS / Monika Schleissing, SPS / Prof. Dr. Martin Hobelsberger, SPS


Sean McClellan, University of Gloucestershire / David Dawson, University of Gloucestershire / Rod Horrocks, University of Gloucestershire / Geraldine McCullagh, University of Gloucestershire / Rayelle Pentland-Smith, University of Gloucestershire / Jocelyne Fleming, University of Gloucestershire 


Please view our trainers page here



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M1. Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset

M4: From Idea Generation to Commercialisation

M7: The Lean Business Plan

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M2: Personal Resources and Soft Skills

M5: IPR and Technology Management

M8: Pitching and finding investors

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M3: Moving from myself to the team

M6: The Business Model Canvas

M9: Sources of funding for your start-up

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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