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About the project: An introduction

ARTISAN is an innovative project, aiming to have a practical application once it is completed. The project has as its main aim to develop an innovative entrepreneurship programme for the family members in artisan and agro-tourism family businesses.


ARTISAN project comes to fill an apparent need of families-in-business to enhance their entrepreneurial potential and thus their abilities to control and manage more effectively their business and its direction.

Thus, we are very niche in our focus, aiming to support the continuation and growth of artisan and agro-tourism businesses (and thus the continuation and enhancement of the cultural component that they carry) through the enhancement of the entrepreneurial skills and potential of family members nested in these enterprises.


What are the innovative elements of ARTISAN project?


ARTISAN acknowledges the need to concentrate on the development of relevant entrepreneurial skills and the accumulation of essential entrepreneurial knowledge. These are areas that have been touched upon by previous projects, especially under the “Knowledge Alliances” sub-action. However, the focus on the “family in business”, and the trans-generational entrepreneurial potential of family businesses within culturally-sensitive economic sectors such as the artisan and agro-tourism sectors, makes this project one of its kind.


Which are the MAIN ACTIVITIES of ARTISAN project?


Phase A: Review of existing literature & programmes. This review involves mapping of current state on relevant areas concerning the project at hand,


Phase B: Empirical Study amongst families-in-business in the artisan/agro-tourism sectors


Phase C: Analysis of primary data: We will conduct analysis of both the qualitative and quantitative data and then produce a report that will list key findings.


Phase D: Methodological Plan on entrepreneurial training provision. Based on the literature review in Phase A, and the Analysis in Phase C, we will develop a plan for the implementation of the following programmes, ensuring that the ARTISAN Entrepreneurial programmes will be properly developed


Phase E: Development of the Entrepreneurial Training Material. Based on the methodological plan, we will start the development of the entrepreneurial training programme.


Phase F: Development of Web platform.


Phase G: Pilot testing and evaluation.




  1. Development of a very practical and innovative Training programme (online & offline) which will also include a train the trainers handbook and guidebook, and a casebook.

  2. Enhancement of the entrepreneurial potential and cultivation of conductive entrepreneurial orientations than can span generations within the family business.

  3. Through primary and secondary investigation, we will have the opportunity to identify the obstacles, the difficulties and the problems that our target group is facing.

  4. The participants will have the opportunity to collaborate with other pilot testing participants across EU through the Web platform.

  5. Younger family members will acquire experientially knowledge and skills on entrepreneurial practices from other family businesses through the mentoring activities.

  6. Fostering of the entrepreneurial spirit among family members in business through the presentation of cases of successful entrepreneurial practices of family members within artisan and agro-tourism family businesses across partner countries.

  7. Support and stimulate the exchange of knowledge and experience between family businesses across 6 EU countries.

Artisan Online

Training Platform

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