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GrantXpert Consulting, Cipro

GrantXpert Consulting è una PMI con sede a Cipro, con una vasta esperienza nella fornitura di formazione e servizi di consulenza per le organizzazioni locali per i programmi europei e finanziate a livello nazionale. La società è stata costituita nel 2009, in seguito all'ottenimento di una borsa di start-up da parte del programma a livello nazionale "Nuove donne imprenditrici".


La proposta si è classificata al primo posto su 151 candidature. Negli ultimi 5 anni GrantXpert ha aiutato un certo numero di organizzazioni cipriote a ricevere più di 6,3 milioni di euro da programmi finanziati. GrantXpert è stata candidata al progetto 'Knowledge Alliaces' dal titolo"SCIENT: Un'alleanza tra universtà europea e business che mira a promuovere il giovane spirito scientifico/imprenditoriale", con un bilancio complessivo di 1 mln di euro. Inoltre, GrantXpert è candidate, con il ruolo di coordinatore, per il progetto di Partnership Strategica dal titolo “ICT ENTREPRENEUR: Una alleanza tra università e imprese europee che mira a rafforzare lo spirito imprenditoriale degli studenti di ICT, con un budget complessivo di 250,000 euro.


GrantXpert attualmente impiega 7 persone, con più di 10 anni di esperienza di lavoro in progetti finanziati dall'unione europea (FP7, Leonardo ToI and Mobility, Comenius Multilateral Projects, LIFE+, DAPHNE, Europe for Citizens). GrantXpert ha sviluppato competenze di ricerca in:


a) lo sviluppo dell'innovazione e della creatività delle competenze per gli studenti universitari,

b) sviluppo di alleanze della conoscenza tra il mondo accademico e dell'industria,

c) valorizzazione delle donne e dell'imprenditoria giovanile, d) crescita nella competitività di PMI,

e) valorizzazione delle competenze di occupabilità dei giovani,

f) sviluppo di programmi di imprenditorialità.

Vassilia Hadjichristodoulou (Founder and General Manager of GrantXpert Consulting)

is an expert consultant in European and nationally funded programmes and also the founder and General Manager of GrantXpert Consulting Ltd. She graduated with honors from London School of Economics and Political Science (BSc Accounting & Finance). Following that, she studied at the University of Cambridge (MPhil in Management Studies), graduating with honors. In2012 she completed her PhD on "the human success factors in Mergers and Acquisitions: the case of Cyprus" at the University of Sheffield.


She has worked as a part-time university lecturer of Organizational Behaviour and Accounting for 5 years. Ms. Hadjichristodoulou has been involved in more than 20 European (Leonardo, Grundtvig, FP7, EUREKA, Eurostars, Europe for Citizens etc) and more than 40 nationally-funded projects (RPF, HRDA) in the past 8 years, having an expertise in pedagogical and educational research topics, but also on issues related to strengthening youth and female entrepreneurship.

Stephanie Apserou (Research Associate)

has been working as a Research Associate at GrantXpert Consulting Ltd since September 2012. She obtained a Bachelor in Greek Literature and a Master in Medieval and Modern Greek Literature from the University of Ioannina. Since January 2012 she is a doctoral candidate at the University of Ioannina.


During her postgraduate studies she participated in the Erasmus Student Placement Programme where she had the opportunity to participate in workshops and trainings organized at King's College of London, Centre of Hellenic Studies - Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies and also to work in various research projects organized by the King's College - London in collaboration with the Department of Digital Humanities of the college.


Since September 2012, Ms. Stephanie Apserou is working at GrantXpert Consulting Ltd as Research Associate for European and nationally funded programmes. More specifically, she is involved in funded projects that relate to the subject of new educational methodologies for the development of creative and innovative skills to students. She is participating in research projects regarding the development of entrepreneurial and employability skills in youths and females. Additionally, she is involved in organizing seminars on behalf of GrantXpert Consulting which are aimed at young people, unemployed people and young entrepreneurs.

George Tsiorvas (Project Officer)

graduated from The University of Lancaster, UK having obtained a Bachelor at Accounting and Finance. Currently he is in the process of acquiring the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) professional certificate. After completing his military service, George Tsiorvas continued with his studies abroad where he focused and specialized in finance, accounting, financial analysis, taxation, principles of audit and management accounting.


In October 2012, George Tsiorvas joined the team of GrantXpert Consulting as the Financial Advisor for National and European funded programmes. Specifically, he is responsible for the monitoring and control of all project financial matters, for resolving any financial and management issues as well as for the financial reporting and evaluation of projects upon their completion. He has participated so far as the Financial Manager in National and European funded projects (Leonardo da Vinci-Transfer of innovation, Life+-Information and Communication, Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation, Cyprus Productivity Centre) on behalf of all partners involved with a total budget that exceeds 2,5 mln EUR

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