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4th Coordination Meeting - Covilha, Portugal

The 4th coordination meeting of ERASMUS+ ARTISAN project took place successfully on the 17th and 18th of April 2018 at University of Beira Interior at Covilha – Portugal. All partner organisations had the opportunity to meet in person and discuss in detail the completed activities, the pending activities and all the tasks that need to be delivered until the completion of the project on the 31st of August 2018.

In more detail, the partner organisation during the 4th coordination meeting had the opportunity to discuss in depth the pilot testing workshops that took place in each country, the evaluation of the ARTISAN training programme according to the feedback received by trainees and trainers, the finalisation of the offline and online programme, the final changes on the intellectual output named CASEBOOK, and organise all the logistics regarding the EUROPEAN HERITAGE Conference which will take place in Cyprus on the 12th of June 2018.

Additionally, during the meeting at Covilha partners visited the MUSEU DE LANIFICIOS which is situated in an old family business factory. Museu Lanificios is a Wool Fabric museum with a variety of ancient manufacture equipment telling the story and importance of this artisanal activity.

All partner organisations were really grateful for the meeting at Covilha and were also very satisfied with the progress of the ARTISAN project. We are looking forward for the last meeting in Cyprus and the European Conference which will take place at UClan Cyprus giving the great opportunity to artisan and agrotourism family businesses and to relevant stakeholders to meet in person the consortium of partners and learn about the programmes and products developed during the life of ARTISAN Erasmus+ project.

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