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ARTISAN Final Dissemination Event in Cyprus

On the 12th of June 2018 the ARTISAN Closing Summit took place in Cyprus, at UCLan Cyprus, Larnaka.

UCLan Cyprus and GrantXpert Consulting organised at the premises of UCLan Cyprus the "European Conference on Heritage Entrepreneurship: The Development of Artisan Family Firms across Generations".

During the conference a number of presentations took place aiming to inform the general public regarding the main activities and the main results developed during the life of ARTISAN project. Great emphasis was given on the ARTISAN Training Programme, the CASEBOOK which is consisted from 20 different case studies from 5 different European Countries and the ARTISAN Training Platform which makes available all the training programme developed online to anyone interested to have access on it. The consortium of partners presented shortly the modules that they have developed and the relevant case studies from their countries.

Following the morning workshops, the conference concluded with an open panel policy forum, which involved all the protagonists and unveil the roadmap for sustainable development of artisan ventures in order to inform policy debate, at all levels.

The conference involved founding owner-managers entrepreneurs, next generation heirs, business advisors, practitioners, policy makers and academics. Family business entrepreneurs from different cities of Cyprus shared their experience with transitions across generations expounding what to watch out from the socio-emotional-family, ownership and business management perspective. Additionally a small exhibition took place at the entrance of the premises of UCLan Cyprus, giving the opportunity to family businesses to exhibit their products and at the same the cultural component of the island.

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