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ARTISAN Final Dissemination Event in France

On August 27th 2018, the EDHEC Family Business Centre organized the final dissemination event of ARTISAN Project at EDHEC Business School – Paris Campus. The event included testimonials from four members of artisan family businesses on the topic of “Transmission of Entrepreneurial Heritage and Traditional Craftsmanship in family business” (

The conference started with the intervention of Rania Labaki, coordinator of the ARTISAN Project in France, who provided us with an introduction on the transfer of entrepreneurial values and artisanal heritage of family businesses. She then presented the activities and outcomes of the ARTISAN Project, including the network of Partners of the Erasmus + Project of the European Union, the methodology of the project along with the review of literature, the focus groups and survey, the ARTISAN casebook as well as the ARTISAN Training programme and platform.

The testimonials of two family businesses followed.

Our guests Clémence Mellerio and Olivier Mellerio, daughter and father, respectively members of the 15th and 14th generation of Maison Mellerio which started in 1613, inspired us with key-lessons which helped the family developing its jewelry artisanal work for centuries despite political revolutions, crises and difficulties. They highlighted the importance of trust relationships with the customers, the family roots and identity and the emotional attachment to the business.

Then Jessy and Benjamin Bachir, cousins and members of the 3rd generation of the family business Bachir which started in 1936, shared with us the history of the artisanal ice-cream based on the recipe of their grand-parents and which is 100% organic. They emphasized the importance of transferring the passion for the product and the emotions related to it to the customers and the family members as well as the identity roots. Both businesses inspired us and taught us about the common characteristics they share and which are fundamental for the family business continuity, despite the different activities they are pursuing.

These presentations were followed by a thoughtful debate with the audience, mainly made of family business members along with some academics, business consultants, bankers, public policy lobby representatives, and legal experts who collaborate with family businesses.

For the conference closing, participants were invited to a friendly networking cocktail around artisanal products and ice-creams from our guest Bachir.

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