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An External Advisory Committee will be set up from the start of the project in each partner country, in order to ensure a well-managed and high-quality project. This Committee will assist in safeguarding the quality of the final training products developed within ICT ENTREPRENEUR.

Around 5-6 people in each country, with experience in evaluation and measures in quality

assurance, will be chosen to form this committee in each country. The formation of the Advisory Committee is necessary for the smooth implementation and the proper development of the project, ensuring that procedures and policies that facilitate the production of high quality outputs throughout the project are consistently followed.

The Advisory Committee undertakes the important role of facilitating the overall research process through suggestions relating to methods and content. The Committee will work closely with the consortium of partners during the implementation of the project and will be involved in each stage of development in an advisory capacity in order to evaluate and review the final products. Consequently, their input and suggestions will ensure that quality and high standards of research practices are applied throughout the project, but most importantly, their contribution will add value to the results and outcomes of the research.

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