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The Erasmus+ ICT ENTREPRENEUR project held its 4th Coordination Meeting at TechBase in Regensburg, Germany, on the 23rd of November 2016.

The meeting was attended by members of the ICT ENT consortium, comprising 7 partner organisations from 5 different EU countries. All 12 meeting participants were given the opportunity to meet in person and discuss in detail their experiences from the ICT ENTREPRENEUR Pilot Testing Programme that took place in their country. Also partners had the opportunity to discuss the organization of the Entrepreneurship Academy and Business Competition that will take place in Cyprus on July 2017.

More specifically:

  • Dr. Celia Hadjichristodoulou from GrantXpert (CY) presented the main progress achieved so far and informed partners about upcoming deadlines.

  • Each partner organization presented in 10 minutes the main results from its local pilot testing seminar. Great emphasis was given on the number of the participants, the level of interest expressed during the course, the comments/feedback received by participants and trainers and the visits organized.

  • Mr. Alexander Krauss from ISOB (DE) presented the main outcomes and the evaluation of the Pilot Training Programme from the participants and the trainers and comments/feedback were been provided by all involved partners.

  • Mr. Iker Inchauspe Prego from FUNDEUN (ES) presented the Template of the Country Evaluation Report for pilot testing programme and all partners discussed the final changes that should be made on the content, format, duration and structure of the ICT ENTREPRENEUR training programme.

  • Dr. Celia Hadjichristodoulou from GrantXpert (CY) coordinated the discussion for the organization of the Entrepreneurship academy and the Business Idea Competition that will take place in Cyprus in July 2017. Several activities will be organised by our consortium for the participants that will travel from all involved countries in Cyprus aiming to give them the opportunity to meet each other better, share their experiences and knowledge and develop new ideas. Also, great emphasis was given on the investors that we will invite to our panel of investors and the prizes.

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