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ICT ENTREPRENEUR - Final Dissemination Event in Portugal

The University of Beira Interior in Portugal will carry out the Dissemination event of the ICT ENTREPRENEUR project, on the 22nd of June 2017 at the Faculty of Engineering with the participation of three speakers from Portugal, France and Norway.

The main objective of the ICT ENTREPRENEUR dissemination event consists in the presentation of the ICT ENTREPRENEUR Project (the main outputs and the network of partners) to the general public: students, graduates, professors, researchers and policy makers, with interest in Entrepreneurship. The event will be coordinated by Professor Mário Raposo and will have the intervention of the main coordinator of the project through Skype, Drª Celia Hadjichristodoulou from GrantXpert Consulting, Cyprus.

During the dissemination event, the participants will have the opportunity to attend lectures given by the following invited specialists:

  • Professor Soumodip Sarkar: Director of the Institute Advanced Studies and Research of University of Évora (Portugal) with the theme “Staying Alive: SME response to disruptive challenge”,

  • Professor Saulo Barbosa of EMLYON Business School (France) with the theme “Dancing with the Black Swan: Facing uncertainty and building resilience in entrepreneurial ecosystems” and

  • Professor Björn Asheim: Full Professor of Economic Geography and Innovation at the UiS Business School, University of Stavanger (Norway) with the theme “Challenges of new path development and implications for regional innovation policy”.

A panel session will be followed with the invited speakers.

Also, the participants will have the opportunity to meet the pilot testing participants of Portugal who will participate in the ICT ENT Entrepreneurship Academy and Business Competition that will take place in July in Cyprus. The pilot testing participants will present to the general public their innovative idea, with which they will represent Portugal at the Competition in Cyprus.

After the end of the dissemination event a networking lunch will follow!

For more details, please download the relevant leaflet!

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