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Check out our Final ICT ENTREPRENEUR Leaflet and get important information regarding the ICT ENTREPRENEUR Training Package, which was developed by 7 different european organisations coming from Cyprus, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal and Germany.

In 2016, the EU-funded project entitled ‘ICT ENTREPRENEUR: A European University-Business Alliance aiming to foster the entrepreneurial spirit of ICT students’ resulted in the development of an innovative entrepreneurship programme for ICT students/graduates. This comprehensive programme helped the participants to increase their understanding regarding the development of new marketable ideas, entrepreneurship and start-ups and follow a different path towards successful digital entrepreneurship.

ICT ENTREPRENEUR training programme helped the participants develop their entrepreneurial mindset and at the same time cultivate new innovative ideas that could be commercially applicable!

On the Final ICT ENTREPRENEUR Leaflet one can find useful information regarding the main results of the ICT ENTREPRENEUR programme, the main topics of the training and the approach that the consortium of partners followed!

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